Monday, February 2, 2009

Waterfall and Some Pictures...

So after the dance ended up being really nice. The prime minister, the head of state, and a lot of important people attended in limos. Five schools were invited to dance and/or sing including my school, AJ's school, and Paul and Dan's school. I was told to be ready by 6. I got ready, and at 6, met the principal and school committee for breakfast in the teacher's room. The principal drove us to the opening of the market at 7. We stayed 'till 1PM.

The next day, Saturday, January 30th, Dan, Paul, Phil, Erin, Paul's roommate, Tetsuya (a Japanese volunteer, JICA), and I went to the waterfall that's about a ten-minute walk inland from my place. The waterfall was dry, but got to swim and had the place all to ourselves. After, we headed down to the wharf and had lunch at Lusia's, a favorite hangout for the Peace Corps here on Savai'i. There's a deck over water where you could sit and have lunch, and even dive off of it. We had a good time throwing each other off of it.

Erin, Phil, me, Paul, Tetsuya, and Dan at the waterfall

Where we swam (where the waterfall is supposed to be)

The principal who just got transferred to a school in Apia, Faleata

Boys lining up for their dance

And the girls

The new two-story market